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A happy ending
by Héctor García 7/Feb/2019

This story begun many years ago. And yes, it has a happy ending. It is the story about why we were .gs and how now we became .com

The era of data
What is business intelligence and how is it related to big data
by Azahara 17/Jan/2019

Business Intelligence is a business concept that have existed since the middle of the last century. It is defined as the intelligent use of the data available to a company in order to make the most appropriate decisions.

Trends in ecommerce
5 characteristics of e-commerce in retail
by Azahara 10/Jan/2019

The initial mistrust of buying on the Internet has almost disappeared and e-commerce continues its growth unstoppable. This has been possible thanks to technologies such as machine learning or location intelligence, which allow us to satisfy the needs of users of this type of commerce. Next, we analyze in what situation you are currently and what are the news that are already being implemented.

geolocating places
What is Location Intelligence?
by Azahara 3/Jan/2019

Currently, the use of maps goes beyond determining a specific location. Location Intelligence applications have become a powerful tool for the management of companies and institutions. We already talked about the previous articles on Geomarketing and Indoor Mapping, two perfect examples of technologies that include Location Intelligence.

Digital and traditional
Location Intelligence Solutions for Shopping Centers
by Azahara 13/Dec/2018

The retail sector, despite being a traditional business in general, can also take advantage of the advantages and benefits that Location Intelligence technologies bring us. Thanks to geolocation techniques, for example, the fact that a customer leaves the store or a mall empty-handed does not have to be a missed opportunity for the seller.

Time of changes
Tools that every marketing director needs in 2019
by Azahara 6/Dec/2018

The emergence and implementation of marketing-oriented technologies based on Location Intelligence has completely changed the management of many companies, both public and private. As a result, greater efficiency has been achieved in terms of the treatment of the resources available to them.

Location Analytics, why add Where does it add value to Business Intelligence?
by Azahara 29/Nov/2018

According to data from 2017, the market value of Location Analytics was estimated at around 8.35 billion dollars. Location Analytics solutions and their applications are gaining ground among companies due to the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the proliferation of a large amount of data through devices connected to the network.

clarifying concepts
What is Data Visualization and why is it important?
by Azahara 22/Nov/2018

One of the big questions asked by those in charge of handling this data is the best way to represent them graphically, so that they are easily interpretable. This is where Data Visualization comes into play, which encompasses the creation and study of graphical data representations.

Woman in tech
Innosoft Day Conference: the role of women in technical careers
by Azahara 15/Nov/2018

This week the V edition of Innosoft Day took place. A conference on technological innovation and entrepreneurship held in the School of Engineering at the University of Seville and where we have the honor of being sponsors.

MY rosebud
The cemetery of the data – part II
by Azahara 8/Nov/2018

“That instant is the last thing I want to remember before they put me in the comfortable and deliciously disturbing pine box. He signed it.”

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