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How to know in which areas there is more tax evasion?

by Azahara 23/Aug/2018

Cities have to deal with many issues that have a negative influence, such as tax evasion or other types of incidents, as well as the management of other issues, such as traffic, water or electricity. Therefore, in the digital era, there are options that have been created specifically to improve the management of the City Councils, which ultimately end up having a direct impact on the satisfaction and tranquility of the citizens.

The management of City Halls is not an easy task. They are very complex systems that are composed of many units and that, if these are not correctly coordinated and interpenetrated, the chances of the organization being chaotic is very high.

The Town Halls must control and analyze endless data from different sources (traffic, water, electricity, crime …), which, at present, the technology allows to do it in real time and thus improve efficiency and service to the citizens. Without proper organization, the benefits disappear and the information even becomes obsolete and completely loses its usefulness.

A well-organized system not only offers better services to citizens (more efficient water management, less pollution, etc.), but it is also capable of guaranteeing greater security and control over the crimes that occur in the city, tackling them and looking for the factors that cause them to give a definitive solution.

Geolocation technology to manage town halls

Location intelligence seeks to facilitate the management of town halls, especially in large cities with huge amounts of data and sources, and enables the creation of tools that make this type of work easier and more intuitive. Taking advantage of the great advantages offered by this technology and others such as Big Data and Business Intelligence, a clear example emerges. NowCity. It is a management tool designed to meet the needs of public administrations.

tax evasion

This solution is designed for Mexico City, an important capital and one of the most populated cities in the world that receives a huge amount of inputs every minute of the day and it is necessary to process it in some way.

NowCity offers a dashboard where all the information related to the city is collected and displayed in a clear and visual way, all placed on a map to instantly locate the sources of the problems.

The customization is complete and adaptable to any type of situation, because different thematic modules can be selected according to the needs of the moment. For example, NowCity Taxes is the part reserved for the collection, collection and administration of local taxes.

Thanks to this tool, very serious problems can be solved within a city such as tax evasion. With the data collected by sensors and by the City Hall itself, it is possible to study exactly what is the root of the problem, draw conclusions and take measures according to the situation.

This shows the importance of having information at the time of making decisions and having that information concentrated in one place to be able to decide at the moment and not later, when those data may no longer be valid.

Therefore, NowCity is designed to have two different laptops, the first for those responsible for making these decisions in an informed manner, and the second for citizens. In this way, the City Hall also offers transparency in its processes, something very demanded at present.

In short, tools such as NowCity are very beneficial for the management of any city, especially those of large size as is the case of Mexico City. This solution gives a global vision of the state of the City in real time with all the data that is generated from different sources in a single place and helps that information is not lost and is obsolete due to lack of resources. This is one more step towards the final goal that is the foundation of smart cities and the efficient management of any city in the world.

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