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Time to GitHub
Easily finding twin areas using PostgreSQL + PostGIS
by Alberto Asuero 4/Jul/2018

Finding the optimal location for the next opening is one of the biggest challenges for retail companies. In this article, you can find out how to define an optimal solution using PostgreSQL + PostGIS

Flight insights with Carto
Want to compare flight routes around the world?
by Alberto Asuero 11/Nov/2015

Thanks to the dynamism of Carto’s technology and Geographica’s design, we have Flight Routes, where in a simple map we show the 50 busiest airports in the world.

Making tiles with Mapnik
Towards a tiles engine based on Spark
by Alberto Asuero 10/May/2015

Why do we make tiles? For a reason of efficiency and speed. To create tiles consists of making a pyramid of the world and rendering the images previously. In this way our maps are faster because they only download the images that had been rendered.


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