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Data in retail
Geomarketing in retail: how to get more out of the data
by Azahara 28/Mar/2019

Thanks to the geomarketing systems we can have a deeper knowledge of, among others, our clients, target audience and competitors based on location data. This can be applied to a wide range of business decisions.

Making the data count for retail: 5 trends in mass consumption
by Azahara 14/Mar/2019

Making a purchase can be a complete experience for the consumer today. The brands of the retail sector are striving more and more that their customers live a process that goes beyond observing and testing a product. Some of them have achieved it notably by adopting the many new paths that technology opens up.

Machine learning and artificial intelligence to increase your sales
by Azahara 21/Feb/2019

That many aspects related to sales have changed drastically in a few years is an indisputable fact. Technological changes have led us to a very different panorama for commercial relationships. It is worth noting the predominant role that Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions have acquired in this new situation.

The era of data
What is business intelligence and how is it related to big data
by Azahara 17/Jan/2019

Business Intelligence is a business concept that have existed since the middle of the last century. It is defined as the intelligent use of the data available to a company in order to make the most appropriate decisions.

Trends in ecommerce
5 characteristics of e-commerce in retail
by Azahara 10/Jan/2019

The initial mistrust of buying on the Internet has almost disappeared and e-commerce continues its growth unstoppable. This has been possible thanks to technologies such as machine learning or location intelligence, which allow us to satisfy the needs of users of this type of commerce. Next, we analyze in what situation you are currently and what are the news that are already being implemented.

clarifying concepts
What is Data Visualization and why is it important?
by Azahara 22/Nov/2018

One of the big questions asked by those in charge of handling this data is the best way to represent them graphically, so that they are easily interpretable. This is where Data Visualization comes into play, which encompasses the creation and study of graphical data representations.

MY rosebud
The cemetery of the data – part II
by Azahara 8/Nov/2018

“That instant is the last thing I want to remember before they put me in the comfortable and deliciously disturbing pine box. He signed it.”

Digital Transformation
3 technologies for large stores that will help you increase sales
by Azahara 4/Oct/2018

The popularity of large stores is decreasing slightly in recent years, so it is necessary to regain the interest of buyers and meet their needs as a consumer. In this article, we collect three technologies that provide innovation in the way of acting of buyers with shopping centers.

Digital transformation in the automotive sector
by Azahara 14/Sep/2018

The automotive industry is one of the sectors characterized by being constantly searching for process optimization and innovation. Thus, digital transformation, understood as digitalization and automation of complete work flows is a key factor to remain competitive and adapt to the demand of its users. In this article, we tell you how the uses of solutions that contribute to the process of digital transformation are increasingly essential in this sector.

Smart Dashboards for cities: digital urban services
by Azahara 31/Jul/2018

Cities are, after all, great systems in which very different departments work together with the common goal of improving the quality of life of the citizen. All these sources of information need to be channeled and processed in some way to have all the data in one place to work with them effectively. With this objective, smart dashboards are designed. We explain how they work and what benefits they have.


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