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Technology and tourism
Geomarketing applied to tourism
by Azahara 26/Apr/2019

In the tourism sector, the intervention of tools and technological solutions is key to achieve a certain differentiation.

New market niches
Three market penetration strategies applied in large consumption
by Azahara 18/Apr/2019

Companies have to rethink their marketing strategies with some frequency. Some of these exchange options tend to be to penetrate new market niches or to look for an international market in which to settle.

Digital transformation
New technologies focused on store promotions
by Azahara 11/Apr/2019

The customer experience inside a store has nothing to do with what it was a few years ago. This is largely due to the emergence of technologies such as indoor mapping or augmented reality, which make the user enjoy an enriching visit that goes beyond buying a product.

How to make the data count visually
by Azahara 21/Mar/2019

The visualization of the data is a very helpful process to have perspective of the current situation in which we find ourselves. It is useless to have many figures in front of us if we do not know how to draw valuable conclusions from them.

Making the data count for retail: 5 trends in mass consumption
by Azahara 14/Mar/2019

Making a purchase can be a complete experience for the consumer today. The brands of the retail sector are striving more and more that their customers live a process that goes beyond observing and testing a product. Some of them have achieved it notably by adopting the many new paths that technology opens up.

a new perspective
Location intelligence as a tool to enter new markets
by Azahara 14/Feb/2019

A key moment in the life cycle of many companies is the one in which they decide to expand through penetration in new international markets. It is a complex process in which we must consider factors of vital importance, so that the analysis and exhaustive study of them acquires a leading role when choosing the market in which it is more likely to reach the success.

geolocating places
What is Location Intelligence?
by Azahara 3/Jan/2019

Currently, the use of maps goes beyond determining a specific location. Location Intelligence applications have become a powerful tool for the management of companies and institutions. We already talked about the previous articles on Geomarketing and Indoor Mapping, two perfect examples of technologies that include Location Intelligence.

Digital and traditional
Location Intelligence Solutions for Shopping Centers
by Azahara 13/Dec/2018

The retail sector, despite being a traditional business in general, can also take advantage of the advantages and benefits that Location Intelligence technologies bring us. Thanks to geolocation techniques, for example, the fact that a customer leaves the store or a mall empty-handed does not have to be a missed opportunity for the seller.

Time of changes
Tools that every marketing director needs in 2019
by Azahara 6/Dec/2018

The emergence and implementation of marketing-oriented technologies based on Location Intelligence has completely changed the management of many companies, both public and private. As a result, greater efficiency has been achieved in terms of the treatment of the resources available to them.

Location Analytics, why add Where does it add value to Business Intelligence?
by Azahara 29/Nov/2018

According to data from 2017, the market value of Location Analytics was estimated at around 8.35 billion dollars. Location Analytics solutions and their applications are gaining ground among companies due to the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the proliferation of a large amount of data through devices connected to the network.


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