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Geographica: A CARTO Company
by Geographica 29/May/2019

We are very, very happy to be able to announce that we are joining the CARTO family. It is a unique moment and we feel lucky as people and as professionals. For a leading company such as CARTO to acquire us will allow ourselves to offer even better services to current and future customers. With […]

Kotlin, the programming language of Android that we use in Geographica
by Inma Alcón 7/Mar/2019

At Geographica, we program our different solutions using Kotlin. The degree of satisfaction with the results obtained through its implementation is such that currently our team of developers works with it on a daily basis to create our applications for Android.

A happy ending
by Héctor García 7/Feb/2019

This story begun many years ago. And yes, it has a happy ending. It is the story about why we were .gs and how now we became .com

Geographica in the II Forum of Local Governments
by Azahara 31/Jan/2019

Last week we were in the II Forum of Local Governments that took place in Seville. Specifically, we share space with 17 other companies in the innovation sector that contribute greatly to the economic and social growth of the city, such as Emergya, Ayesa, Universal Diagnostics, Prodiel and Galgus.

Geographica recognized as one of the best companies in the world in geospatial technologies
by Azahara 24/Jan/2019

We are celebrating! The reason for this is none other than the recognition we have received from Geoawesomeness as one of the leading companies worldwide in the development of geospatial technologies, placing us among the 100 best companies in the world in this field.

A very special year, 2019 here we go!
by Azahara 27/Dec/2018

2018 comes to an end and at Geographica we get nostalgic. This has been a very special year for many reasons, so we do a review between some of the people that form the Geographica team and we tell you what our purposes are for the coming year. Let’s go there!

Woman in tech
Innosoft Day Conference: the role of women in technical careers
by Azahara 15/Nov/2018

This week the V edition of Innosoft Day took place. A conference on technological innovation and entrepreneurship held in the School of Engineering at the University of Seville and where we have the honor of being sponsors.

we are celebrating
We are Aster Awards for best entrepreneurs!
by Azahara 31/Oct/2018

On November 30 of this year, the awards ceremony was held at the ESIC Seville facilities. In the category of Best Entrepreneur, ESIC has distinguished the Sevillan Hector Garcia and Alberto Asuero, CEO and CTO of Geographica respectively. Making the data count is the motto that both carry by flag and that from Geographica we echo.

A better world and the great challenge of the SDGs in Sonorama Ribera
by Azahara 13/Sep/2018 made history last Friday, August 10 at the Sonorama Ribera festival. They managed to create the largest human figure in the SDGs in the world with more than 2,500 people interested in participating in the challenge. We tell you how.

Recognition to the international Projection of Geographica
We are Celebrating!
by Azahara 5/Jan/2018

There is nothing more rewarding than the recognition of a job well done and this week at Geographica we are celebrating, because ATN rewards us for our international career.


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