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Optimize public services through Location Intelligence
by Azahara 27/Sep/2018

The growth of the population in the cities and the problems that are associated with this has forced us to look for technological solutions so that the quality of life is not affected. Therefore, administrations have to resort to tools such as Location Intelligence, which help them improve and optimize their public services. We tell you some examples of how they can help.

Being smartest
Geographica and Smart Cities: some success stories
by Azahara 13/Sep/2018

More and more administrations are betting on implementing tools to turn their cities into smart cities, a necessary decision for those who want to bet on a sustainable development and an improvement in the quality of life for the citizens who live in them.

How to know in which areas there is more tax evasion?
by Azahara 23/Aug/2018

Cities have to deal with many issues that have a negative influence, such as tax evasion or other types of incidents, as well as the management of other issues, such as traffic, water or electricity. Therefore, in the digital era, there are options that have been created specifically to improve the management of the City Councils, which ultimately end up having a direct impact on the satisfaction and tranquility of the citizens.

Efficient cities
What is Smart Mobility?
by Azahara 4/Jun/2018

The Smart Cities are already a reality. These are made of other small fragments that are responsible for the management of each one of the most important sections of the city. But who is responsible for the traffic and mobility of people? We explain what Smart Mobility is and why it is necessary for the sustainable development of cities.

Technology and Administration
Town halls that rely on Location Intelligence solutions
by Azahara 22/Feb/2018

Managing a town hall is not an easy task. There are so many departments and sources of information to be valued and taken into account to make decisions.

Smart efficiency
Why smart cities are more efficient cities
by Azahara 9/Feb/2018

The concept of smart cities is something that has been around for a long time but still continues to rise. Large cities increasingly require more solutions that contribute to a real efficient management and provide value to the citizen.

Sustainability and Smart City
Open Data, the key factor for the sustainable development of cities
by Azahara 18/Dec/2017

Open data is a philosophy that supports the availability of certain types of data to the entire world. This practice is a key factor for the sustainable development so necessary today and for the creation of smart cities. There are more and more cities and institutions, such as the UNO itself, that use open data to get closer to citizens, make their cities more efficient and reduce the footprint left in the environment.

The Open Data transversality
10 Examples of How Open Data Helps Create Smart Cities
by Azahara 6/Nov/2017

Open Data is an essential part when creating Smart Cities, but this may sound like an exaggerated statement without substantiation founded. The best in these cases is to answer the question, how can Open Data help Smart Cities? Here we list ten examples to demonstrate the importance of this relationship.

Geolocalized Data
Location Intelligence for Big Cities
by Azahara 9/Oct/2017

In previous posts we have already introduced the concept of Location Intelligence, however, today we want to focus this article on the advantages of Location Intelligence solutions for large cities. We’ll tell you.

The power of geolocated data
What is Location Intelligence?
by Azahara 28/Aug/2017

In the technological and interconnected world in which we live, much of the data we send, receive and generate has an associated location element. To subtract this information, place it on a map and reach conclusions to solve a problem is what we know as Location Intelligence, however its profits go far beyond what you can imagine. We’ll tell you.


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