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The new oil
Three cases of use of data visualization technologies
by Azahara 4/Apr/2019

The phrase “data is the new oil” can be heard in many situations today. This expression aims to highlight the importance of the data and the economic potential that they bring.

Being smartest
Geographica and Smart Cities: some success stories
by Azahara 13/Sep/2018

More and more administrations are betting on implementing tools to turn their cities into smart cities, a necessary decision for those who want to bet on a sustainable development and an improvement in the quality of life for the citizens who live in them.

Close to consumer
The customization of offers according to customer data
by Azahara 30/Aug/2018

The customer in the retail sector is increasingly demanding. Fortunately, current technological innovations make it possible to satisfy this demand. One of the trends in digital transformation is focused on offering experiences with greater personalization, based on the data of the clients themselves, such as where they go from the store or what they usually buy. These types of solutions are necessary.

Improving urban management
Three ways IoT is making cities smarter
by Azahara 17/Mar/2017

Internet of Things or IoT, has so many and so broad applications in the Smart Cities that it is impossible to make a closed list. In general terms, they have a technological infrastructure capable of improving urban management in a qualitative way in different areas, such as the three ways iot is making smart cities that we will see in this post: transport, energy and urban furniture maintenance.

Knowledge and participation
Geoportal: beyond the map
by Azahara 22/Sep/2016

In this article we will give a brief review of the defining characteristics of the geoportals, after focusing on the illustrative example of the Alboran Sea geoportal, developed by Geographica.

Flight insights with Carto
Want to compare flight routes around the world?
by Alberto Asuero 11/Nov/2015

Thanks to the dynamism of Carto’s technology and Geographica’s design, we have Flight Routes, where in a simple map we show the 50 busiest airports in the world.


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