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Geographica: A CARTO Company

by Geographica 29/May/2019

We are very, very happy to be able to announce that we are joining the CARTO family. It is a unique moment and we feel lucky as people and as professionals. For a leading company such as CARTO to acquire us will allow ourselves to offer even better services to current and future customers.

With the technology and the CARTO team we have developed successful solutions for clients such as MasterCard, Vodafone, Telefónica, BBVA, etc. From now on we can do it for many more, in a faster, more effective and noticeably different way to the rest of the sector.

Weekly meeting internaly known as “State of the Nation”.


Geographica has grown a lot in these last years and all without external investment. Now, to take the next step we wanted to be with a leading company in our sector. Also, CARTO needed a team of professional services with solid and successful projects in the large corporate client. In addition, our experience will be used in the partner network to help them reach to more customers and users, who can be better informed about CARTO technology.

In this sense, we would like to highlight that we have been working in the geospatial sector for more than 12 years and that CARTO is the company, by far, that best adapts to our projects. We have used and worked with all the geospatial technologies and none of us like them as much as CARTO, which, in addition to having an incredible present, offer us a full future. We have always maintained that, for a company that sees the customer as the center of the universe, to be able to trust blindly in a technology is essential and vital.

How does this affect you as a client?

Services? Everything will continue to be done in the same way. Without any change.

Team? Better than ever. Follow the same team and even much more supported by a few dozen of the best engineers in the sector.

At the level of contracts, services and administration? It does not affect you either. All is invoiced in the same way. All contracts are respected and the idea is to offer more and better services.

Interlocutors? The same. All the same.

Alberto Asuero, Co-CEO y CTO, and Héctor García Co-CEO of Geographica. Photography: Ernesto Villalba

“We are very happy and very excited for this new stage. With no doubt a formidable, honest and hardworking team has been formed. Together we have unique data and a capacity for brutal analysis which with solving present and future problems, very specific business problems from companies all over the planet ” says Héctor García, Co-CEO of Geographica.

“Geographica needs a product to be supported by, CARTO needs Geographica to provide professional services to large companies, this is what we have been doing with our partnership in recent years, but now we are going to bet stronger, we want to be the best geospatial solution for large companies, we are going to focus mainly on geo data science and integrations” says Alberto Asuero, Co-CEO and CTO of Geographica.

In the coming weeks CARTO will launch a professional services plan and there we will be, offering unique, beautiful and, above all, efficient geospatial services.

We thank the more than 300 clients we have had these years, the employees, ex-employees, suppliers, thanks to luck, thanks to work and thanks to the maps, one of the most wonderful creations of human talent, which have been solving problems for more than 3,000 years and bringing people together. For another 3,000 more! Thank you!

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