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by Héctor García 7/Feb/2019

This story began many years ago. And, yes, it has a happy ending.

15th of March, 1985. A company called Symbolics applied for the first domain ending in “.com”. The original idea was to give the “.cor” domains to the governmental corporations or their adjacents, as well as “.com”. Though their start was delayed, during the following years companies like IBM, Boing, Siemens, Intel, HP, etc. also reserved their “.com” domains. An example of the initial lack of enthusiasm is that Apple, which was number 64 in registering the “.com”, obtained it only two years after Symbolics.

However, suddenly, the process accelerated. Boom! It began to register millions of “.com” domains. Their number increased so much that we hit the “.com” bubble. Technology companies were rising and rising up in their value, it was an endless spiral. There was a severe adjustment that had a great impact: many technology companies were closed, multiple mergers were done and the NASDAQ showed a spectacular decline.

NASDAQ evolution between 1994 and 2005. Source: Wikipedia.
NASDAQ evolution between 1994 and 2005. Source: Wikipedia.

NASDAQ evolution between 1994 and 2005. Source: Wikipedia.

After that hit, the “.com” domains recovered and did not stop to go up. Today they are the “kings” of the market. Many of them were bought and sold at spectacular prices. The 10 million dollars limit for a domain was exceeded 18 years ago (2001) with In the following table you can see the list of the most expensive domains. Certain patterns that mix business and “leisure” can be detected.

And what does this have to do with Geographica? Well, we have been using the domain .gs for all this time. We had a double reason: a semantic game with GIS and our inability to have a better domain. And here comes our insight, if you allow me to quote the great Asterix.

We are in the year 2019 AD, all the Geo domains are occupied by the Romans (National Geographic, Geo magazine, some companies called Geographica of some countries like Japan and Spain, etc.) but … “All? No! Because a domain populated by irreducible Gauls still resists the invader”.


That domain was owned by a person from the United States with whom we have negotiated for years and, finally, we got it! After these years and a good amount of money, we are finally able to buy the domain GEOGRAPHICA.COM. Especially, I have to thank Alberto for his perseverance and the whole team for the work that was necessary to get that sum and have a domain that makes us stronger, more daring and more global.

As of today will be our home and your irreducible village. We are waiting for you!



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