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Geographica in the II Forum of Local Governments

by Azahara 31/Jan/2019

Last week we were in the II Forum of Local Governments that took place in Seville. Specifically, we share space with 17 other companies in the innovation sector that contribute greatly to the economic and social growth of the city, such as Emergya, Ayesa, Universal Diagnostics, Prodiel and Galgus.

During this event, our CEO, Hector Garcia, was the protagonist of a presentation in which he shared with all the attendees some notions about how citizens’ lives are improved thanks to emerging technologies. Technologies that have an impact on the benefit of both the public and private sectors.

If we look at the public sphere, it is mandatory to talk about Smart Cities. The development of these is made possible thanks to the collection and processing of data in real time. These data are collected by sensors strategically located throughout the geography of the city.

The information obtained is expressed both in a public portal for citizen consultation, and in another for managers and technicians. In the latter, a dashboard is developed in which the data is monitored and managed, as well as allowing the preparation of reports with the main indicators.

Regarding the information that can be consulted by any citizen, those related to traffic or environmental factors, such as air quality, stand out.

All this would not be possible without the Machine Learning technologies, thanks to which the system improves its performance through continuous learning using historical data.

As a solution for Smart Cities developed by the Fundacion Telefonica, we highlight Urbo. Project that has already been applied in different locations of the Spanish geography.

We have successfully implemented applications based on Location Intelligence with companies such as Repsol, Vodafone, Mastercard, Telefonica, and with Governments such as Mexico City.

Our participation in the Local Government Forum has provided new support for the growing trajectory of Geographica. We continue betting on placing Seville as a benchmark in the data sector, giving it the value it deserves. But our work goes beyond the local scope, crossing the borders of our country and landing in markets such as French and American. In fact, we were recently recognized as one of the 100 best companies in the world in geospatial technologies.

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