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Geographica recognized as one of the best companies in the world in geospatial technologies

by Azahara 24/Jan/2019

We are celebrating! The reason for this is none other than the recognition we have received from Geoawesomeness as one of the leading companies worldwide in the development of geospatial technologies, placing us among the 100 best companies in the world in this field.

Geoawesomeness is one of the most prestigious websites in terms of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). It is a must-visit site for all those who want to stay abreast of current affairs and all aspects related to geolocation technologies.

Every year Geoawesomeness publishes a ranking with the 100 most outstanding companies in the geospatial sector. To elaborate it professionals from all corners of the world consider factors such as the level of technological development, number of workers or financing data, among others.

To get a better perspective of the importance of being in this ranking, we just have to take a look at the companies that appear in it, many of them large multinationals like Google, Uber, Here, FourSquare, or Planet Orbiting Insight Watchers. It is a privilege for Geographica and a reason for pride to see us located among large companies in Silicon Valley.

The inclusion of Geographica in the Geoawesomeness ranking gives us a motivation to continue with the growth process in which we are immersed. Proof of this is that approximately 40% of our turnover comes from the US and French markets.

But this has not been the only recognition we have received recently. Our CEO, Hector Garcia, received last October the Aster Prize awarded by ESIC Marketing School as the best entrepreneur of 2018.


In Geographica our continued pursuit of excellence does not make us relent in our efforts to make life easier for individuals and entities using Location Intelligence, providing innovative solutions, quality and tailored to each situation.

That is why all these mentions received do not’s arrange, on the contrary, we will continue to work tirelessly to give the data the privileged who really deserve in virtually every aspect of society.

As a sign of the relevance that our contribution to geolocation technologies is acquiring, on January 24 and 25 Geographica participates, together with other Spanish companies with an international presence, in the Global Forum of Local Governments, an event that takes place in the Palace of Exhibitions and Congresses of Seville (FIBES).


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