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Innosoft Day Conference: the role of women in technical careers

by Azahara 15/Nov/2018

This week the V edition of Innosoft Day took place. A conference on technological innovation and entrepreneurship held in the School of Engineering at the University of Seville and where we have the honor of being sponsors.

Among all the activities, our colleagues gave three papers. Alberto Asuero gave the conference “100B + rows: handling large quantities of data in the client” and Raúl Yeguas gave the presentation “Frontend is also design”.

Although later we will tell you more, today we are going to focus on the conference given by our colleague Inmaculada Alcón, Senior Android Developer. In addition to being a great programmer, professional, and mom, is very aware of the importance of women in this world in which it seems that there are only men. For this, it collaborates wheith the platform “Tech and Ladies”.

Why do they not choose technical careers?

With this title, Inma began her presentation on the role of women in the world of technology and, specifically, programming.

“We learn by imitation. We incorporate what we like and we inspire”.

After talking about several sources of inspiration, he commented on great female figures who have marked the technological world for a long time. For example Grace Murray, computer scientist and US military. Between the 50s and 60s, she developed the first compiler for a programming language, among other advances.

Next, she posed a game. Do you know Heidi Lamarr or Greta Garbo? Besides being great actresses and very beautiful, one of them was a programmer and did a lot for the tech advance. If you have thought about Heidi Lamarr, you have it right! She invented the first version of the “widened spectrum” that, subsequently, has given rise to WiFi (wireless) connections.

Did you know that Karlie Kloss, model and angel of Victoria Secret, is a computer programmer? In 2015, she had the initiative of making girls know that science and computer engineering is a girl’s thing. That is why she collaborated with Flatiron and

woman in tech

She also spoke about the case of Isis Anchalee, computer programmer. When the company where she works put her photo (like those of other colleagues) in the advertising of the company, they were criticized for using a model. Moreover, the truth is that Isis is not a model. That is why she created the hashtag that went viral “#ILookLikeAnEngineer” to promote equality in the world of technology.

Many cases derived in talking about the stereotypes of women in the tech world. Why do they always appear as “Punkies” in movies and series? After telling other examples, Inma encouraged to see that women who work in technology do not follow any beauty or dress code. In addition, she encourages girls who are interested in the world of computer science, who are not afraid to try; here is a lot of space for everyone.

Without a doubt, a conference loaded with content of interest. From Geographica we are very proud that Inma is part of our team. We hope to have another conference soon and that you enjoy it with us!


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