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Optimize public services through Location Intelligence

by Azahara 27/Sep/2018

The growth of the population in the cities and the problems that are associated with this has forced us to look for technological solutions so that the quality of life is not affected. Therefore, administrations have to resort to tools such as Location Intelligence, which help them improve and optimize their public services. We tell you some examples of how they can help.

The current trend is to live in urban environments. Not in vain, statistics indicate that half of the world’s population lives in cities with more than 300,000 inhabitants. Forecasts indicate that this percentage will increase to 70% in the year 2050.

This concentration of the population in urban centers generates a series of problems and needs that have to be solved in some way if we do not want the quality of life to gradually decrease. With these data we can understand the importance that Smart Cities have received in recent years, a sector that in 2015 spent almost 15 billion dollars worldwide and it is expected that in 2020 this investment will double.

The concept of cities has changed over the years and now they are conceived as entities with the capacity to generate data continuously. The situation of the cities is no longer measured with static numbers such as per capita income or population density, but statistics are obtained in real time thanks to the sensors installed.

This provides the public administration with a series of tools that allow it to carry out an exhaustive analysis of the situation of the city at different levels and propose solutions according to the exact problem. It can even work preventively to work in advance on potential future incidents.

Traffic and road management

One of the biggest problems facing the current cities is the growth of its population and therefore of its automobile fleet. The management of mobility is a pending issue for many municipalities that have to deal with issues such as large traffic jams every day or the lack of parking places for all vehicles in the city.

That’s why we developed, in collaboration with CARTO, the Mobility Planning solution, aimed at improving urban planning and road management and infrastructure to achieve a smart city without so many traffic problems.

What Mobility Planning is looking for is to show all the data related to roads in a clear, graphic and intuitive way. Thus, the manager can have a general overview of the situation in a quick way. On the screen, the data shown are the number of traffic jams, accidents, potential risks, active works and closed roads.

servicios públicos

Not only can the Administration make a good idea of what is happening on the city’s roads at the moment, but it can also extract important information based on the habits of the drivers, such as which are the most used routes, which are the routes who need more reinforcement or where most accidents are located.

This tool is a great help for those responsible for road management to know the situation of roads in real time and take the necessary actions so that urban traffic is not a headache for citizens.

NowCity and city management

As we said, people tend to concentrate in urban centers and super cities are increasingly being created, in which population density is really high. In these cases, public management becomes even more complicated, so it is necessary to make use of concrete tools for a better administration of public services.

In view of this situation, we developed, in collaboration with CARTO, NowCity, a solution designed for Mexico City, one of the most populated in the world. It is a platform that collects in a single place all data from different departments to improve decision making.

In addition to the size of Mexico City (and the consequent amount of data it generates daily), this tool sought to solve the challenge of unifying all information, since the sources are not homogeneous.

Therefore, with NowCity what is achieved is a platform in which the data sets are compatible, you can cross the variables that are needed and all this can be displayed in a geolocated way. Thus, decision-making is much more effective, as is the resolution of the problems of the city, classified by departments.

Smart Water and water management

The supply of water is another of the most important tasks that the Administration has to take over and also has problems that are sought to be solved through innovative tools and the technology to which we have access.

In water management, many irregularities can occur, such as leaks, fraud or defaults. Through the digitalization of this service, the objective is the prevention that this type of incident occurs, and that is what we wanted with this smart for the community of Catalonia.

The data is collected thanks to location intelligence, and then it is shown and analyzed thanks to business intelligence. In this way, the visualization of the data allows an exhaustive control of the points of the water management, of the maintenance of the stations and other type of necessary information for the correct supervision of the service.

After many projects using Location Intelligence and taking advantage of its advantages, it is clear that it is an essential tool for the sustainable development of cities and the correct optimization of public services.

With solutions of this type, the Administration has a much more exhaustive and thorough knowledge of all the services it offers (from traffic to water management) in real time, with the possibility of taking more informed measures and decisions and solving the incidents as soon as they occur, even prevent them thanks to the ability to learn and predict.

The result is an offer of public services that is more efficient and better managed by the public administration, and therefore, greater citizen satisfaction and sustainable growth in cities.

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