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clarifying concepts
What is Data Visualization and why is it important?
by Azahara 22/Nov/2018

One of the big questions asked by those in charge of handling this data is the best way to represent them graphically, so that they are easily interpretable. This is where Data Visualization comes into play, which encompasses the creation and study of graphical data representations.

Aclarando conceptos
Qué es Data Visualization y por qué es importante
by Azahara 22/Nov/2018

La enorme cantidad y diversidad de datos de la que disponemos en la actualidad gracias a las nuevas tecnologías, entre las que destaca el Big Data, ha supuesto una revolución a nivel mundial. Todo ello ha conllevado la aparición de nuevos retos relacionados con el manejo de toda esta información.

Sectoral solutions
Trends in digital transformation in the retail sector
by Azahara 22/May/2018

The digital transformation has already become an undeniable fact in the retail sector. Figures and data show this, but what trends are there right now that can improve the performance of companies? How can customers be satisfied better? We will tell you next.

Soluciones sectoriales
Tendencias de transformación digital en el sector retail
by Azahara 17/May/2018

La transformación digital se ha convertido ya en un hecho innegable dentro del sector retail. Las cifras y los datos así lo reflejan, pero ¿qué tendencias hay ahora mismo que pueden mejorar el rendimiento de las empresas? ¿cómo se puede satisfacer de mejor manera a los clientes? Te lo contamos a continuación.

The challenges of the future
Who Owns Data?
by Azahara 26/Jan/2017

An environment where privacy is gaining importance due to the constant violations or uses that even though are considered legal, they are no always seen as ethical. In addition, challenges for data protection are getting harder to achieve.

Big Data for Smart Cities
How Big Data Can Help Build Smart Cities
by Azahara 13/Dec/2016

In the context of smart cities, the universe of Big Data, IoT, M2M and other related technologies are a great ally for them to become in a tangible reality. In this article we will see how to carry out a smart city vision that unfailingly relies on large volumes of data.

Clarifying concepts
Data Science vs Big Data, What are the differences?
by Azahara 12/Oct/2016

The terms Big Data and Data Science are associated with large volumes of data characterizing the new technological era. In particular, with the collection, analysis and, as an ultimate objective, extraction value of such data to aid in decision making.

Aclarando conceptos
Diferencias entre Data Science y Big Data
by Azahara 11/Oct/2016

Los términos Big Data y Data Science se asocian con los grandes volúmenes de datos que caracterizan la nueva era tecnológica. Conceptualmente ambos están muy relacionados, pero en ningún caso son términos sinónimos.

Predict the future with Data
Make data count; predict the future with machine learning
by Azahara 29/Sep/2016

New times are marked by the sign of the digital age, globalization and the huge amount of mass data generated daily. Big Data is rigged to great challenges and better opportunities.


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