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The challenges of the future
Who Owns Data?
by Azahara 26/Jan/2017

An environment where privacy is gaining importance due to the constant violations or uses that even though are considered legal, they are no always seen as ethical. In addition, challenges for data protection are getting harder to achieve.

Data mining
How Data mining is used to generate Business Intelligence
by Azahara 15/Nov/2016

Basically, data mining arises to try to help understand the content of Big Data. Data mining tools provide better customers relationship management. Due to that, they are today an integral part of enterprise decision-making and risk management in a company.

Data Visualization
9+1 Examples of How Dataviz can help business to be more efficient
by Azahara 2/Nov/2016

Visualization is one of the most primitive forms of communication known by people. That is why vision is the single main faculty that a person uses to communicate and share information.


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