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Unbearable lightness of data
Data cemetery – part 1 of 3 –
by Héctor García 11/Apr/2018

– Buff, many are in … the “Cemetery of Data” – Wow! it gives me the chills
Keep reading the story of Héctor García, Geographica’s CEO.

Data mining
How Data mining is used to generate Business Intelligence
by Azahara 15/Nov/2016

Basically, data mining arises to try to help understand the content of Big Data. Data mining tools provide better customers relationship management. Due to that, they are today an integral part of enterprise decision-making and risk management in a company.

Flight insights with Carto
Want to compare flight routes around the world?
by Alberto Asuero 11/Nov/2015

Thanks to the dynamism of Carto’s technology and Geographica’s design, we have Flight Routes, where in a simple map we show the 50 busiest airports in the world.


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