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Digital transformation in the automotive sector
by Azahara 14/Sep/2018

The automotive industry is one of the sectors characterized by being constantly searching for process optimization and innovation. Thus, digital transformation, understood as digitalization and automation of complete work flows is a key factor to remain competitive and adapt to the demand of its users. In this article, we tell you how the uses of solutions that contribute to the process of digital transformation are increasingly essential in this sector.

Digital era
Essentials of digital transformation in logistics and commercial management
by Azahara 9/Aug/2018

The growing importance of digital commerce, among other factors, has forced companies to give greater importance to logistics and commercial management. The digital transformation here has a key role, since it is responsible for providing tools and solutions and turns them into competitive advantages.

Smart Dashboards for cities: digital urban services
by Azahara 31/Jul/2018

Cities are, after all, great systems in which very different departments work together with the common goal of improving the quality of life of the citizen. All these sources of information need to be channeled and processed in some way to have all the data in one place to work with them effectively. With this objective, smart dashboards are designed. We explain how they work and what benefits they have.


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