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A happy ending
by Héctor García 7/Feb/2019

This story begun many years ago. And yes, it has a happy ending. It is the story about why we were .gs and how now we became .com

A good year for GIS platforms
How geographic information systems (GIS) have been used in 2017
by Azahara 29/Jan/2018

For GIS sector, we can say that 2017 has been a good year, in which the geographic information systems have been used to make advances in all types of projects.

Make Data Count
Purposes for 2018: Make the data continue to count
by Azahara 30/Dec/2017

We are a few days away from 2018 and from Geographica we have already made a balance of this great 2017, and we know what our purpose is for the following year: to make data continue counting.

Illusion and new projects
We are in the 5 Continents
by Héctor García 19/Aug/2016

What have we learned from each of the 5 continents?

A beautiful friendship
CARTO and Geographica
by Héctor García 19/Oct/2015

A few months ago we started officially to work as partners with Carto’s fantastic team. In the first call, they defined us like “Hardcore GIS” and lovers of design and usability. Great, we like to see ourselves like that as well.


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