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Time of changes
Tools that every marketing director needs in 2019
by Azahara 6/Dec/2018

The emergence and implementation of marketing-oriented technologies based on Location Intelligence has completely changed the management of many companies, both public and private. As a result, greater efficiency has been achieved in terms of the treatment of the resources available to them.

New openings
Strategy for locating a franchise using geomarketing
by Azahara 2/Aug/2018

When it comes to expanding a business and opening a new place in another location, one of the first questions to answer is where. Geomarketing is an important tool to solve this issue, as it helps to know in depth the client and find the best areas where people with this profile are. We explain below how geomarketing works if you want to expand the number of branches of a franchise.

The revolution of data analysis
What is the Indoor Mapping
by Paula Juliá 27/Apr/2017

Indoor Mapping is a very powerful concept and in 2017 is making an absolute takeoff. It is changing how companies analyze the consumption habits of their customers. Imagine for a moment that you could know for sure how much merchandise is being bought at each point of your establishment and in real time. This is already possible thanks to Indoor Mapping.

Geolocation for the smart city
Geolocation as a key factor of the Smart Cities
by Azahara 19/Oct/2016

Smart cities are one of the most important application domains of FIWARE technologies and ecosystem based on FI-Lab, an innovation laboratory in the cloud that allows you to experiment with this technology.

GIS technology
GIS technology, serving utility companies
by Azahara 5/Oct/2016

GIS technology has revolutionized the world of information management and has become the perfect ally of utility companies. Efficiency, speed, cost reduction, among others are the main benefits of using it, hence the GIS is a technology with a great future ahead.

Illusion and new projects
We are in the 5 Continents
by Héctor García 19/Aug/2016

What have we learned from each of the 5 continents?


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