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Time to GitHub
Easily finding twin areas using PostgreSQL + PostGIS
by Alberto Asuero 4/Jul/2018

Finding the optimal location for the next opening is one of the biggest challenges for retail companies. In this article, you can find out how to define an optimal solution using PostgreSQL + PostGIS

Increasing profits
10 uses of geomarketing that will increase the benefits of your company
by Azahara 10/Jan/2018

There are many tools to enhance your sales and see how to increase your profits. Today we are going to talk about geomarketing. What can geomarketing do for my company? How can it help improve it? We tell you ten real examples of how to use geomarketing.

Geomarketing techniques
Geomarketing, your best ally to make strategical decisions
by Azahara 24/Oct/2016

Geomarketing is a concept that is gaining importance within the business environment. It has become a revolutionary tool for making strategic decisions.


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