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Data in retail
Geomarketing in retail: how to get more out of the data
by Azahara 28/Mar/2019

Thanks to the geomarketing systems we can have a deeper knowledge of, among others, our clients, target audience and competitors based on location data. This can be applied to a wide range of business decisions.

Datos que cuentan en retail
Geomarketing en retail: cómo sacar más partido al dato
by Azahara 28/Mar/2019

Gracias a los sistemas de geomarketing podemos tener un conocimiento más profundo de, entre otros, nuestros clientes, público objetivo y competidores en función de datos de localización. Esto se puede aplicar a una amplia gama de decisiones de negocio.

Nuevos horizontes
Location Intelligence como herramienta para entrar en nuevos mercados
by Azahara 14/Feb/2019

Las tecnologías que engloban Location Intelligence aportan una nueva perspectiva a la hora de enfocar las estrategias de entrada en nuevos nichos de mercado. Gracias a ellas podemos obtener datos más precisos que nos permiten tomar una decisión tan trascendental con la seguridad que nos aporta la fiabilidad de los mismos.

a new perspective
Location intelligence as a tool to enter new markets
by Azahara 14/Feb/2019

A key moment in the life cycle of many companies is the one in which they decide to expand through penetration in new international markets. It is a complex process in which we must consider factors of vital importance, so that the analysis and exhaustive study of them acquires a leading role when choosing the market in which it is more likely to reach the success.

geolocating places
What is Location Intelligence?
by Azahara 3/Jan/2019

Currently, the use of maps goes beyond determining a specific location. Location Intelligence applications have become a powerful tool for the management of companies and institutions. We already talked about the previous articles on Geomarketing and Indoor Mapping, two perfect examples of technologies that include Location Intelligence.

Información geolocalizada
Qué es Location Intelligence
by Azahara 3/Jan/2019

Las aplicaciones de Location Intelligence han pasado a ser una potente herramienta para la gestión de empresas e instituciones. Ya hablamos el artículos anteriores sobre Geomarketing e Indoor Mapping, dos ejemplos perfectos de tecnologías que engloban Location Intelligence.

Digital and traditional
Location Intelligence Solutions for Shopping Centers
by Azahara 13/Dec/2018

The retail sector, despite being a traditional business in general, can also take advantage of the advantages and benefits that Location Intelligence technologies bring us. Thanks to geolocation techniques, for example, the fact that a customer leaves the store or a mall empty-handed does not have to be a missed opportunity for the seller.

Location Analytics, why add Where does it add value to Business Intelligence?
by Azahara 29/Nov/2018

According to data from 2017, the market value of Location Analytics was estimated at around 8.35 billion dollars. Location Analytics solutions and their applications are gaining ground among companies due to the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the proliferation of a large amount of data through devices connected to the network.

New openings
Strategy for locating a franchise using geomarketing
by Azahara 2/Aug/2018

When it comes to expanding a business and opening a new place in another location, one of the first questions to answer is where. Geomarketing is an important tool to solve this issue, as it helps to know in depth the client and find the best areas where people with this profile are. We explain below how geomarketing works if you want to expand the number of branches of a franchise.

Nuevas aperturas
Estrategia de localización de una franquicia usando el geomarketing
by Azahara 2/Aug/2018

A la hora de expandir un negocio y abrir una nueva sede en otra localización, la primera pregunta que hay que responder es dónde. El geomarketing es una importante herramienta para resolver esta cuestión, ya que ayuda a conocer en profundidad al cliente y encontrar las mejores zonas donde se encuentran personas con un perfil muy similar. Te explicamos a continuación cómo funciona el geomarketing a la hora de ampliar una franquicia.


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