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Mobility plan
New technologies as a key factor to reduce traffic accidents
by Azahara 18/Oct/2018

The decrease in the traffic accident rate remains one of the main challenges for almost all countries. There are many institutions and resources that are put at the disposal of the investigation of formulas that allow diminishing them. The new technologies allow the development of solutions for the reduction of this number of accidents on the roads.

Clarifying concepts
What is the Internet of Things
by Azahara 18/May/2017

What is Internet of Things? What does it consist of? How does it affect us at the technological and social level? In this article we will try to answer these and other questions related to this technological phenomenon.

Waste Management
Smart waste management as a key factor for Smart Cities
by Azahara 9/May/2017

The improvement of the urban waste collection service and, in general, the achievement of a more efficient management of the waste, is one of the main challenges that the cities face, especially due to the population growth. Thus, smart waste management is a key factor of smartcities.

Improving urban management
Three ways IoT is making cities smarter
by Azahara 17/Mar/2017

Internet of Things or IoT, has so many and so broad applications in the Smart Cities that it is impossible to make a closed list. In general terms, they have a technological infrastructure capable of improving urban management in a qualitative way in different areas, such as the three ways iot is making smart cities that we will see in this post: transport, energy and urban furniture maintenance.

Clarifying concepts
Differences between IoT and M2M
by Azahara 29/Oct/2016

The greatest challenge of Big Data revolution poses many issues that are easier to deal with due to the development of industries related to information technology and communications. Today we will present the differences between IoT and M2M.


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