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Machine learning and artificial intelligence to increase your sales
by Azahara 21/Feb/2019

That many aspects related to sales have changed drastically in a few years is an indisputable fact. Technological changes have led us to a very different panorama for commercial relationships. It is worth noting the predominant role that Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence solutions have acquired in this new situation.

Geographica in the II Forum of Local Governments
by Azahara 31/Jan/2019

Last week we were in the II Forum of Local Governments that took place in Seville. Specifically, we share space with 17 other companies in the innovation sector that contribute greatly to the economic and social growth of the city, such as Emergya, Ayesa, Universal Diagnostics, Prodiel and Galgus.

Trends in ecommerce
5 characteristics of e-commerce in retail
by Azahara 10/Jan/2019

The initial mistrust of buying on the Internet has almost disappeared and e-commerce continues its growth unstoppable. This has been possible thanks to technologies such as machine learning or location intelligence, which allow us to satisfy the needs of users of this type of commerce. Next, we analyze in what situation you are currently and what are the news that are already being implemented.

Hubs of knowledge
What is Open Linked Data
by Azahara 19/Mar/2018

This new way of working that the Open Linked Data presents pretends to take advantage of this interrelation, enhanced by the advance of technology and the machine artificial intelligence, which are capable of reading the metadata of the documents that we upload.

eCommerce y Machine Learning
The evolution of ecommerce with the arrival of Machine Learning
by Azahara 11/Jan/2018

How has machine learning affected the evolution of ecommerce? In what aspect of ecommerce does machine learning benefit? How does this affect the customers of those stores?

Improving business
Indoor Mapping and Machine Learning: two tools you need to multiply your sales
by Azahara 23/Oct/2017

Indoor Mapping and Machine Learning were two tools that more business use every day thanks to the potential to multiply sales while improving the user experience, giving each one what they really want. We’ll tell you.

Clarifying Concepts
What is Deep Learning and how it works
by Azahara 31/Jul/2017

Artificial intelligence is revolutionizing at a speed of vertigo and has brought about the interest of big companies thanks to its promising advances, many already a reality. It is, in fact, the so-called theme of Deep Learning, a technology of learning and classification based on networks of numerical art

Machine Learning as a Service
Machine Learning as a Service
by Azahara 6/Jul/2017

Machine learning, one of the spearheads of artificial intelligence, opens unimaginable perspectives in the current digital era. Within the context of the great data, it is bringing great advances in the most different areas, in a sum and continues what does not seem to have an end.

Looking for the differences
What are the main differences between Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?
by Azahara 15/Dec/2016

Artificial intelligence is a concept that includes automatic or machine learning, so a first approximation to both terms places us already in a context of subordination that in no way implies inferiority.

Predict the future with Data
Make data count; predict the future with machine learning
by Azahara 29/Sep/2016

New times are marked by the sign of the digital age, globalization and the huge amount of mass data generated daily. Big Data is rigged to great challenges and better opportunities.


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