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GIS technology
GIS technology, serving utility companies
by Azahara 5/Oct/2016

GIS technology has revolutionized the world of information management and has become the perfect ally of utility companies. Efficiency, speed, cost reduction, among others are the main benefits of using it, hence the GIS is a technology with a great future ahead.

Geodesic lines & GIS
Computing the shortest path on an ellipsoid with Python
by Cayetano Benavent 11/Jun/2015

A geodesic (aka geodesic line) is the shortest path between two points located on a given surface. In the world of cartography and geodesy, figure out the shortest path between two locations on an ellipsoid of revolution involves compute a geodesic line joining them.

Data analysis with Matplotlib
Mapping the worldwide night with Matplotlib
by Cayetano Benavent 15/Mar/2015

These past few weeks I have been taking the most out of one of my favorite software libraries for data analysis: Matplotlib. This powefull open-source software library from python-based ecosystem, along with others like Numpy, Scipy, IPython, Pandas, Sympy, etc. is a core package in The Scipy Stack, the Scientific Computing Tools for Python.


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