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The cemetery of the data – part II

by Azahara 8/Nov/2018

Bird sound, perfect natural light, a little breeze, laughter, lots of laughter.

I know my Rosebud; I lived it 9 years ago. It may sound cheesy, but I felt it when I tossed my eldest son through the air. He was 1 year old and laughed without stopping, me too. We were lying on a lawn, the light, the weather … everything was perfect. An instant of total peace and laughter. That instant is the last thing I want to remember before they put me in the comfortable and deliciously disturbing pine box. He signed it.

Moreover, what does the data have to do with it? Well, at that time, I was processing and interpreting many data to reach the conclusion that there was my Rosebud.


However, what is the problem? Precisely because we scope conclusions based on erroneous premises and failed interpretations.

I am going to use my experience to make a fictional and hyperbolic exercise about the reality with which we find ourselves every day in companies.

My rosebud VS reality


So? What are we in the world of data?

With a garbage,

With a big garbage,

With a big, big garbage.

The data, and especially the interpretations of them, are fatal (except for honorable exceptions). There is much work to be done. From my insignificance, I would like to propose three things:

“Put a mill in your life”

You have to have the thematic specialists more, much more. Those who know something about the matter in question, have been displaced by computer and fashion words.

We must listen to sociologists, economists, biologists, geographers, philosophers, architects, historians, thematic engineers, etc. To the sick of books, to those who love to write, to those who know. To the Experts.

We ourselves have fallen into that failure, 5 years ago, we had a 50% ratio of thematic and 50% of engineers and now it is 90% (engineers) 10% (thematic). Let us find the exiles. They are needed. We must recover them so that we recover the quality of the data and extract a real knowledge.

“So many data and so few bullets”

You have to tell the truth in a more crude and clear to companies. All of us who dedicate ourselves to this we know, we sit at tables, we see each other in meetings, we compete, we collaborate, but we all know it. Ethical lack of data since the age of knowledge is still in its infancy. The companies have not had data culture and now they have bought technology, they have hired specialists, but without control and without knowledge. That is why even things go wrong, it is still expensive and seedy.

“I love the smell of the data in the morning”

We must work hard, it is a long way, but the truth is that it is a very fun challenge. It must be said, know it and go demolishing and crushing the barriers. Each person has a lot to contribute. Everything changes in an instant, let us do it well.

In short, the Data Cemetery is still filled day after day. What we see is brutal. There is so much to do. From Geographica we will try to do our bit. Let us break fast, learn and keep moving forward.

PS: I have made headlines from some of my fetish movies. I hope you enjoy it as I do. Data, fun and life. Make Data Count. Thank you.


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