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10 uses of geomarketing that will increase the benefits of your company

by Azahara 10/Jan/2018

There are many tools to enhance your sales and see how to increase your profits. Today we are going to talk about geomarketing. What can geomarketing do for my company? How can it help improve it? We tell you ten real examples of how to use geomarketing.

Information is an essential asset that plays a very important role in different aspects of business. Thanks to this, anyone can act accordingly and anticipate what will happen before it happen. Within marketing, your role is also crucial.

One of the many forms that information takes within marketing is the location. Using location data and applying them in marketing leads to a very popular trend nowadays and that can bring many benefits to companies. These are ten examples of how to use geomarketing.

Know your customers in depth

Knowing who your customers are is essential in a company, since that will affect the types of products you sell, the location of your stores or the way you communicate with them. Thanks to geomarketing, you can create very complete profiles of clients: who they are what socioeconomic level they have, where they live, how they travel to get to your business, buying habits. You can also discover behavior patterns based on certain criteria that will help you to offer exactly what you are looking for.


Identification of potential customers

Never forget the current customers, you have to take care of them so you don’t to lose them, but a business also needs to grow and get new customers. By knowing the profile of the people who come to your business, you can extrapolate to more remote areas and identify similar people there. Hereof, it is a question of exploring different possibilities on how to reach those potential clients.

Monitor customer opinion on social networks in real time

Nowadays, spread the word has leapt to social networks and its scope is much greater. That is why it is advisable to be aware of what they say about our company, to know the opinion of the clients in real time (thanks to hashtags or mentions), to interact with them and made the necessary changes to improve the satisfaction of future users.

Identification of the competition

A business not only has to look at itself, but it also has to observe what its competition does. Geomarketing can offer an exhaustive analysis of the location of competing companies and take actions from these data, such as, for example, looking for a differentiation if there are similar businesses nearby.


Optimization of the commercial network

In case of having several establishments open in different geographical locations, geomarketing provides a series of data and information on their economic performance and the market share that each of them achieves. It is when you have to assess what actions to take, whether to close one of the stores or modify the marketing strategy to get that number of potential customers to become real customers.

Identification of new business opportunities

After having analyzed and optimized the current commercial network, it is time to consider if it is possible to expand this network and look for new opportunities. It is important to first study different locations in which potential customers are found with similar profiles to those that already have current consumers of our product.

Optimization of transport routes

At this point geomarketing is combined with the part of the logistics of the company to analyze the effectiveness and efficiency of the current transport route. It also looks for different ways to adapt the route to new customers or values if it is necessary to build a new distribution center. It can even value integrate a home delivery service if you do not have it.

Increase sales with the information obtained

Geomarketing offers a large amount of data about its customers, about the competition, about new business possibilities. It is the job of the company manager to assess this information, process it, so that all this becomes an increase in sales. As it can be said, information is power, and geomarketing is information.

Increase the visibility of the company

For new customers to reach the company, it must be visible, and today, the best place to get that visibility is on the Internet. Thanks to certain specialized pages such as Yelp or Foursquare, it is easy to put any business on the map and classify it so that anyone has a quick and easy access.

Geomarketing as a storytelling tool

Thanks to maps you can tell stories, which is a very bright and interesting way to catch an objective audience. Telling the history of the company or the products helps customers to know better their past and also to feel closer.

After seeing several examples of the use of geomarketing, it is fully demonstrated that it is a very important tool for a business, in different stages. It allows you to know your customer deeply (who is, what to buy, where to buy …), reach potential new users and also know the competition.

In addition, geomarketing also helps the company to work more efficiently and expand in the most favorable sense, looking for the best areas where the business will work better and achieve an expansion and an increase in profits thanks to all the information and tools that provide the Location Intelligence tools.


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