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A very special year, 2019 here we go!

by Azahara 27/Dec/2018

2018 comes to an end and at Geographica we get nostalgic. This has been a very special year for many reasons, so we do a review between some of the people that form the Geographica team and we tell you what our purposes are for the coming year. Let’s go there!

This year has been full of good times. For begging, we have almost doubled the team! Professional and wonderful people with whom we are delighted to be part of the family. In addition, it has been a year full of challenges with clients as impressive as Vodafone, Mastercard, Telefonica, La Liga, etc. And, although it is the least important, who does not like to be recognized for their work? Some institutions such as universities, town halls and, most recently, ESIC, have rewarded and valued our effort; we will not tire of thanking you!

Another thing that we have loved has been the attendance at great technology events because we love to share! And we are lucky to do it in events to which we have been invited. In recent months, we have participated in CARTO locations and Andalucía Digital Week, with the presentations of our COO Paula Julia, and at events such as Sevilla Startup Week with Hector Garcia talking about “the cemetery of data“.

On the other hand, we are lucky enough to be partners of technological companies with which we create synergies, such as Amazon, CARTO, Telefonica, QGIS, etc.


And we do not forget our social cause, one of the projects that we are most passionate about: we have helped to give life to, a global solidarity journey that mixes our passion for maps to meet the objectives of sustainable development marked by the UN.


What better to know our best moments than to do it firsthand knowing what the Geographica team thinks. Part of the team opens and tells us what has made him happiest in this last year:



“We have learned a lot in previous years, but in 2018 we have taken the step towards a better organization. The focus of the division into roles and knowing how to delegate work has been a success that has made it possible for each of us to focus on our strengths”

Josema Camacho


“During the last years we have had the great responsibility of designing solutions for companies with a global presence. In this regard, 2018 has given us the opportunity to help MasterCard to rethink their product Retail Location Insights. A challenge and a pride.”

José Gil
Head of design


“For me the best thing of 2018 here has been to soak up Geo’s culture, to have the opportunity to meet all the team that is part of this great family and to do my bit in the company’s growth project.”

Marta Domínguez
Human Resources


“The best thing that 2018 has given me has been to see this great family that is Geographica grow even more, to have a great talent that makes possible the impossible for all our clients and to be able to respond to their needs. In 2018 geo is fashionable … to continue like this for many years!”

Paula Juliá


“The best thing about having spent a lot of 2018 in Geographica was being surrounded by colleagues of such high professional and personal level, thanks to those who have not stopped learning something new every day.”

Margara Tejera
Project Manager


“This year we have made great progress in consolidating our route optimization solution, completing the implementation for important clients such as Sorigué or La Liga, and giving a great boost to others such as the logistics giant DPD Group.”

Cayetano Benavent
Head of data

Javi Gil

“2018 has brought us new projects for important international clients that represent real challenges at the level of concept and design. A great opportunity to continue growing and learning!”

Javi Gil


“Vodafone Analytics, we have changed the way in which telco data is sold. It reminds me of the beginnings of Geographica where Jose Gil and I, uniting design and engineering gave birth to the product. What a wonder when we get together with time! We released the first version for the MWC. Then it has evolved perfectly, as a product should, growing, without stopping, adding new functionalities while the number of clients grows.”

Alberto Asuero


“In 2018 we won. We have won new colleagues, with a growing team that maintains the good atmosphere that we have always had in Geographica. We have gained in the quality of work, developing solutions for important companies such as Groupe Renault.”

Isabel Pozuelo


“The best thing has been to meet this diverse and incredible group of people from whom everyone can learn something. I was delighted to see how the company has grown both staff and projects, and I am lucky to be a part of it.”

Alejandro Polvillo
Data Scientist


“The best thing of 2018 for me has been to have the opportunity to use really new web technologies in real-use business projects such as with Mastercard, as well as to give another twist to the use of maps in real time to create a viewer as attractive as the made for Real Madrid Basketball.”

Raúl Yeguas
Lead Engineer

And what are we expecting from 2019?

We are stepping into the New Year, but what are our goals? Our CEO, Hector Garcia, assures us that there is a lot of desire, a lot of motivation and great plans. He tells us in the following video:

Among them, to attack new markets, like the USA where we reinforce our presence and strengthen the customers we have there. Continue to be large and growing in Spain, France and the United Kingdom. Consolidate and be strong, so grow, motivation and desire are our goals for 2019.

As improvements, Hector points out that we must advance in testing and documentation of our solutions. Actions that “bore” a little more, but what needs to be done.

And most importantly, our people and customers happy, we make honest software and that workers are even happier if possible.

We look forward to 2019, Happy Geo-Christmas to all!


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