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CEDUS – A ‘City Enabler’ for Digital Urban Services

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Solution for cities that is responsible for searching, collecting and analyzing geolocated data using public and private sources.

CEDUS, the City Enabler, is a project led by Engineering Ingegneria, a leading Italian ICT company with more than 9,000 employees, for the European Institute of Innovation in which Geographica – together with Telefónica, Atos and the Bruno Kessler Foundation – has participated developing smart dashboard for the cities that allow to analyze and visualize the information collected in a simple way, thus contributing to better decision making.

It consists of a solution for cities that is responsible for searching, collecting and analyzing geolocated data using both public and private sources related to the different institutions and/or companies involved in the city management. Subsequently, it allows predicting future behaviors based on historical and even designing maps that reflect the information collected. It is a project based on FIWARE, with great integration easiness that is already being implemented in several European cities.
CEDUS has added value, eliminating the barrier that normally exists between information that reaches citizens and companies and providing value to citizens and different interest groups thanks to the use of open data. This contributes to the economic growth of the city.


Each of the organism and companies in charge of services related to the city handle very high volumes of information that in many cases become difficult to process. To this must be added, the isolation that usually exists regarding the data.

Even when most administrations and supply companies have portals through which they process the data, some are not always connected with others. This isolation of the information, often makes the real evaluation of a certain aspect of the city become a challenge.

City enabler precisely aims to provide a solution to this, through the automatic detection of service providers for the city and offering a solution easily integrated with the platform.

Once the data is integrated, CEDUS is the solution that offers to the managers of the city, several tools for processing, analysis and prediction of the data which can be visualized in a geolocated way thanks to its presentation in interactive maps.

Given Geographica’s experience in developing Smart Dashboards for cities, Computing Engineering Ingegneria contacted us through Telefónica for the development of analysis, visualization and prediction of geolocated data.

For Geographica, it has been a real challenge, given the dimensions of the project and the number of agents involved in it. However, with Urbo’s previous experience, our Smart Dashboard for smart cities has been a key success factor.


CEDUS – the City Enabler, was born to respond to such integration needs between the different players who take part in the good management of the city and the unification, management, analysis and prediction of the key variables behavior, in that way, allowing to take a better information decision based on geolocalized data.

As mentioned above, city enabler is responsible for automatically detecting the different portals from each of the service providers – public and private – of the city, offering the possibility of integrating with CEDUS in a simple way to be based on FIWARE.

Specifically it has three functionalities:
– Collection of city data and quality analysis: Through the detection of data resources on the web and the support of the creation of a data bank relating to the particular city.
– Integration of the data of the city: It is possible to integrate graphically the data coming from different resources – portals – and to structure them within the City Enabler.
– Quick creation of new maps based on Urban Services, based on the data collected.

The range of benefits offered to different interest groups is very broad, for city managers, it allows greater control of the city and the companies that provide services in each of the neighborhoods and/or municipalities as well as more support at the moment of making decisions. For businesses it is a framework for the rapid creation of urban services to sell based on the true needs of the city in particular and for citizens it opens the door to get much more information through different apps.

From Geographica, the Smart Dashboard we have developed is in charge of processing the information represented in different maps of the city that as intended, allow having an integral view of the existing needs for one or several service sector, depending on the moment. The information can be displayed in real time or historical analysis and at the same time allows predicting the future behavior of geolocated data relating to the different supplies and services of the city.


Currently CEDUS is still in the implementation phase; however we are already seeing the first results in cities like Trento – Italy, Rennes-France and Malaga-Spain.
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