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Elcano Global Presence Index

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Tool for the analysis and comparison of international relations and foreign policy of different countries.

The new Elcano Global Presence Index website, one of the projects of the Elcano Royal Institute, presents a novel and useful tool for the analysis of international relations and foreign policy of different countries.

It is a powerful tool that lets you view statistics, check rankings and perform comparative data and indicators between countries and different time points, all in a very clear and simple way using maps, graphs and interactive tables.

The Challenge

Communicating to the general public an abstract and complex phenomenon as the Global Presence, often confused with magnitudes as the mark of a country or power, but without neglecting any nuance of it that could provide an incomplete experience to specialists in international issues. The target audience ranges from international journalists to academics.

This communication had to be made by intuitive and versatile methods, regarding the exposure of all aspects of the Index, which are very diverse, providing so interactive reading mechanisms and interpretation that would encourage an explorative attitude towards the Index and help, therefore, to the assimilation of the study’s conclusions.

The Solution

The solution to this challenge went through three pillars: understanding the Index itself, creating a data tool flexible enough to handle a considerable volume of thematic data in a context spatiotemporal and designing of interactive exploration artefacts of such information.

In Geographica we enjoy understanding the scientific topics in which our customers work. We engage to thematic and scientific level in the core of the problem, since we think is the only way to give a satisfactory response to the analytical and communication needs raised.

With the help of Elcano investigators, we could understand and deal with the design of necessary statistical and visual tools for proper examination and interpretation of the most important aspects of the Index that the researchers wanted to highlight.

With such heterogeneous information and to a complex point, it had to resort to a communication scheme consisting of various custom tools that exposed the different dimensions of the Index (rankings, comparisons, temporal evolution, etc.) in a clear and precise manner.

The Result

The result has been a complete portal dedicated to the Index, which highlights especially Explore section, section in which the user can interactively analyze Index data. Usability design has been the greatest concern of the team, trying first of all that the tool were easy to use and intuitive.

Despite the complexity of the phenomenon that connects the tool, it will satisfy the researcher or journalist. Under no circumstances, interactive design or the pursuit of ease of use has made the presentation of the findings of the Index suffer for simplicity or omissions of its more complex aspects.

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  • “The hotspot 'Explore' is a new tool that aims to show, facilitate and add value to the use of the Index ...”

    Iliana Olivé main investigator of the Elcano Royal Institute

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