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Geomarketing in Barcelona – Openings in the best location

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Geomarketing project to locate the best sites for openings in Barcelona

In making strategic decisions, it is needed to have the maximum quality information possible due to its difficulty, as many external factors come into play. However, it is not only important the quality of information, it is also necessary that this will be available and could be displayed easily. It is in this scenario where the geomarketing plays a fundamental role.

Choosing the ideal location for the opening of a new centre, it is an example of strategic decision making where the geomarketing can help. In this use case we will present the geomarketing project made for a company that wanted to open a new dental centre in Barcelona (For reasons of Data Protection and Confidentiality, we cannot give more details).

The Challenge

It is needed to know the right place for opening a new establishment but this would affect the effectiveness of their existing facilities. In this case, the customer was well aware of their target audience, so it was important to locate areas where there is more density of that segment of the population, without affecting the flow of traffic of the other clinics.

The information visualization -both data provided by the customer, as extracted from different public databases- on a map, has allowed a much simpler interpretation, providing a new view of the situation. In fact, new opportunities and threats that previously were not able to appreciate were detected, thereby improving decision making.

In this case, Geographica developed a solution capable to capture all the data that the customer needed to observe and a system able to analyze and evaluate, through algorithms, all factors to consider finding the optimal solution: meeting the ideal place for opening a new establishment.

The main challenge of this project was the development of an intuitive platform capable of effectively integrate large amounts of disparate information located in different databases, and the lack of databases that show information required as in the case of data competition.

Another of the major challenges, which Geographica had, was the difficult location of a large percentage of the postal addresses of customers of the clinic because, being a bilingual area, postal addresses could be written in two languages.

The Solution

Geographica has developed a solution that integrates various databases, both public and private, with the information that the client provided. So, it resulted in a platform that allows the evaluation of each of the areas of Barcelona, according to the criteria set by the client.

By a process of geocoding, the data provided by this dental clinic in coordinates are transformed, as it was the case of existing customers, which also contained demographic information, later to be divided and segmented according to the strategy required.

In this case, thanks to this tool it was possible to visualise the whole map of Barcelona and the location profile seeking, mothers between 36 and 46 years old with daughters up to 16, and the ratio of 2.5 km that these were arranged to move.

The added difficulty of postal addresses (these could be in two languages) was solved thanks to the CartoCiudad application, which offers a Rest service, through which a postal address is sent and it compares with its data and returns the data with approaches with a certain percentage of error.

In respect to the missing data bases, one of which was the location of the competence of the clinic. Geographica devised a system for the implementation of all competitors on the map of Barcelona.

The Result

This is a project that is still in development, however, once the platform is in full swing, the decision-making process regarding location will be provided. Barcelona is being the pilot project, but it is a scalable solution to any city.

In the case we are presenting, the application analyses the following criteria when evaluating areas:

– Segmentation profile with age and sex.

– Location of competitors.

– Ratio of displacement that would be willing to do.

– Existing customers.

– Centrality to clinics.

– Average cost of rents by area.

Project expectations are very positive. Very soon we will give news about this use case, where the geomarketing is the key element.

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