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Indoor Mapping for Retail

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We have developed a prototype indoor mapping solution for El Corte Inglés, which improves the user experience while providing real-time data on consumer behavior in a closed space.

We have developed a prototype indoor mapping solution for El Corte Inglés, which improves the user experience while providing real-time data on consumer behavior in a closed space. It is something very new and has required the collaboration of several technology partners to create a unique product.

The Minimum Viable Product and the “Medium” Product have been made. We can say that it is being one of the most innovative applications we have faced. The challenge before us was stimulating and complex in equal parts, but the results are far exceeding expectations.

Imagine the potential that can have to know firsthand and in real time information like this:

How do people behave inside a shopping center?

Where do they spend more time, in which stores do they entertain themselves the most?

What are the busiest routes in each campaign?

What are the most visited destinations in shopping centers?

Well, these are just some of the questions that the solution should answer. In addition, the product was required to provide great added value through personalized offers in real time and a great user experience for customers of the shopping center, thanks to its usability, simplicity and attractiveness.



In a world in which buying anything is done from the mobile and at any time, the competition between large retail companies is fierce.

It is no longer worth being the center of reference or a great brand; the rules of the game have changed and, perhaps, continue in it, translates into a complete transformation the process of selling and the relationship with the customer.

El Corte Inglés, leader of the retail sector, has been investing a lot of effort for years to be among the great electronic commerce. As a leading company, they soon realized the need to obtain more information about what happens inside shopping centers, as much as it occurs on digital platforms. Remember that when you buy anything online, you are leaving data that companies can use to give you a better user experience.

This difference between the information collected and the user experience in online and offline environments, is what made them come in search of a solution that narrows the differences, how? Indoormapping was the solution.

Thus, with the creation of this advanced prototype, it has made a great bet for innovation in anticipation of what will accompany us in each area in the coming years.


Currently, a solution composed of three elements has been developed:

1.- App for customers

2.-App for dependents

3.-Dashboard web for administrators and people with decision power

The customers App will offer:

– Catch personalized offers (discounts) based on your tastes or your average expenditure

– Request a dependent’s attention

– Explore offers in other plants

– Calculate the shortest route to a store/brand/department, an offer, elevators, toilets, fitting rooms, etc….

The Workers App will offer:

– Know when a client has requested help

– Notify you that you are on your way to help

– Know what client is and what average cost has

The web dashboard is a dashboard in which all the analysis and statistics extracted from the use of the two mobile apps are shown after having monitored their position at all times.

In it, all the analytics are done to obtain insights of great value, such as the behavior of the clients in terms to the economic profile, the flows of people combining the temporal and spatial component or tracking what the position of the dependents has been during their day.

In order to develop this prototype for the El Corte Inglés, we have relied on CARTO for visualization and geoanalytics, and in SITUM for indoor positioning. It is necessary to add Geographica’s own Know-How in the field of geolocalized data analysis and visualization.

The final result is double: for El Corte Inglés is a powerful Dashboard with a multitude of indicators that show information that until now was almost impossible to obtain and analyze in real time. On the other hand, for the clients it is the improvement of the user experience, giving the possibility -voluntary (abstaining conspiranoics), of obtaining offers and personalized recommendations to a click and/or extending an arm, also in real time and based on their behaviors and preferences.


With the advanced pilot phase, the insights offered are so powerful that they open a new perspective in all retail management and customer service.

It is expected that in a few months the launch of this solution will be carried out in a public way.

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