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Informo, improving mobility in the city of Madrid

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Mobility planning solution for improving mobility management in real time within the open data portal 'Informo' of Madrid.

The uncontrolled growth of the population that lives in the urban nucleus generates in many cases inconveniences when correctly managing a city. When these grow, one of the main problems that both citizens and administrations have to face is the management of mobility.

The population growth as well as the improvement in per capita income has led to an increase in the number of vehicles per family, developing new needs and challenges for infrastructures and the transport system of cities, especially in large cities.

Faced with this situation, parking problems and traffic jams have become a routine that the inhabitants of large cities such as Madrid and Barcelona have to deal with on a daily basis. Informo is a mobility planning solution that seeks to solve these problems associated with mobility in large cities.

The Challenge

The City Council of Madrid, aware of the mobility problems of the capital, decided to develop an application that could help them to manage it better, since already in 2016 it had 4M vehicles.

They already had an open data portal where information related to traffic in Madrid was downloaded, however it was not very usable, so the City Council of Madrid together with Kapsch asked us to redesign it to be more usable, thanks to our experience in mobility planning solutions.

Thus, the main challenge of this project has been to obtain a solution that integrates all the data related to the traffic of the city and achieve a notable improvement of the portal that was already in advance, thus offering an important management and forecasting tool for the consistory and also a source of free information for any citizen who wants to access it.

Our specialization in geolocalized data was a fundamental value to face this challenge due to the nature of it. This is because location is one of the key factors when analyzing issues related to traffic and the transportation system.

The Solution

Informo is a solution that is born from the modification of another of our solutions for mobility management, Traffico, developed together with CARTO and whose objective is the improvement of traffic planning and infrastructure management to contribute to the well-being of the inhabitants in a more efficient city.

The main source of data (feed) of Traffico comes from the Waze application, which, thanks to the location of its users, is able to assess in which areas there are more people and therefore, if there is a traffic jam or, on the contrary, the road is clear. It also receives the incidents that are reported, such as traffic accidents.

To make it even more complete, the other source comes directly from the open data portal in Madrid, which provides information, for example, of works that are taking place at the moment or others that are planned in the near future. Thus, the combination of both makes the information offered as complete as possible.

According to the needs of the user, it is also possible to deactivate one of the feeds if at that moment you do not want it to appear on the map, getting a more personalized experience.

New indicators have been added to give a greater amount of information, so now on the map you can also see the location of the traffic light acoustic signals, the traffic cameras (with their corresponding preview) and the photo-red traffic lights (those who take a picture when a vehicle jumps in red).

The service and intensity levels give a more accurate idea of the condition of the roads following a predefined range. For example, the first goes from 1 to 5 and assesses the congestion of the roads, while the second evaluates the traffic according to the speed of the vehicles.

What is achieved with Informo is to provide a general image of the state of traffic in the city of Madrid, so the responsible authorities can know which are the most frequented routes, the roads that have less use or where they need to reinforce public infrastructure . The decision making will be of higher quality thanks to detailed and exhaustive information, exposed in a clear and visual way.

Not only that, but all this information is being offered directly to the public for their own benefit, also achieving an improvement in the transparency of the City Council, a value much appreciated today by citizens.

In short, Informo is an essential solution for the necessary development of a mobility strategy for cities with daily congestion problems and a large car park. Thanks to this tool, specific incidents can be solved in real time and also define the guidelines for the achievement of a sustainable road plan that is accessible to everyone.


The results of the project have been very positive so far. Very soon we will give you news

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