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Location Intelligence

Mastercard Retail Location Insights

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Solution focused on the site planning that allows to evaluate the consumption trends at street level.

MRLI is based on the data from the billions of transactions that occur daily throughout the world by using the MasterCard media. This solution allows the analysis of key variables for accurate decision making, related to the assessment of territories, properties and other aspects of geolocation, which are essential for business success.

It is a multisectorial and very flexible solution that can be used for various purposes: from geomarketing to the site planning of a specific area, based on penetration decisions in one market or another, that depends on the evaluation given by this solution.

The challenge

MasterCard is the leading payment technology company that connects “consumers, businesses, merchants, issuers and governments” all around the world.

With the transactions that take place every day, they obtain a large amount of information about a huge number of variables. Among them, sociodemographic aspects, location, income, etc., of the citizens of all the world countries, and their determined transaction.

For this reason, Mastercard is planning to develop the solution that allows us to use all this information both to improve the evaluation of upcoming area development realizing by those in charge of urban planning and economic development of a specific area, and to help the companies to analyze and predict the impact that may be caused by the decisions made about one or another location of their stores/offices.

On the other hand, this solution helps the companies of different sectors to make documented decisions based on key variables related to location, such as knowing where to open new marketplace or when buying and selling of commercial real estate can lead to the significant losses of money and opportunities. The new technology permits to perform in the most optimal and easiest way.

The solution

To meet this challenge, Mastercard has been working with Geographica and CARTO to relaunch MasterCard Retail Location Insights (MRLI) solution in the US, UK, Canada and Australia.

With this dashboard, entities can solve different questions, such as:

-Where to open a subsidiary of a chain of restaurants? Is there any presumably good area that leads to cannibalization? Is it profitable?

-What is the potential growth of a local gym chain?

-What effect would have the construction and opening of a new shopping center in a specific area of the city?

-What economic impact do new businesses have in the same area of influence as my property?

Knowing whether to open, close or relocate a property, and where to do it, permites the company management team to make a very important decisions. With MasterCard MRLI you can plan all these activities in an easy and optimal way. With the help of the technology of Location Intelligence, the Dashboard shows all the information about the performance that can be reached with different units. It was made possible by the ability to identify the most attractive characteristics of the specific properties and their location. As a result, the process of purchasing and selling of real estate is faster and more efficient.

Another function of the dashboard is evaluation of the property capacity to generate income or bring in returns from selling. It helps to estimate the risk and the impact of the construction of a new infrastructure or community developments. Furthemore, with MRLI it’s possible to realize further study of the development and economic impact of new businesses which are entering in the same area of influence.


At a technical level MasterCard MRLI is a very innovative product. The were two initial basic objectives:

-Always below 1.5 seconds: a user with a connection of 20Mb / s can not take more than 1.5 seconds to see the heaviest page of the application.

-Scalable: if the number of users or data grows, the time remains intact. It means that the application loads in less than 1.5 seconds for one user as well as for 500. Currently the project manages 100B of data and keeps growing every month.

And so it was done. When you watch Google Maps at world level you don’t see the name of your street, right? The information is appearing as you approach the map: first you see the name of your country, then the province, the city, the neighborhoods and, at the end there appears the name of your street, and if you continue you will see your house.

The closer you get, the more details increase, but the amount of information keeps (more or less) the same. At world level you see the names of the countries, when you focus on the USA you see the names of the states. The amount of information is approximately the same.

These maps have billions of data, all the cartography of the world and work with a speed of a bullet! They do not need a backend, they are distributed by using binary formats and CDNs. Processed only by the frontend, they scale phenomenally.

This is what we created to achieve the initial objectives: we have packed the data in tiles and given the attributes with the data to each geometry. There is no backend, the frontend (using WebWorkers and WebGL) is only responsible for reading the data, doing geo-statistical calculations on the client side and representing them as maps, tables, graphics or PDFs.

One huge advantage of this solution is that if a client wants to consume the MasterCard MRLI data, he does not need to mount the backend that is capable to process 100B+ rows, it can be done only with a frontend attacking the CDN.

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