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NowCity: Tool for Mexico City government management

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Tool that allows improving the management of local councils and local entities.

Transparency in relation to the management of cities is one of the most important aspects of any smart city. Mexico City is one of the largest cities in the world but at the same time it is known for always being on top when it comes to innovations in the city.

NowCity is a tool that allows, on the one hand, to improve the management of local councils and local entities and, on the other hand, to share with the citizens large amounts of geolocated information related to the city separated into different modules that coincide with the main topics of interest. This solution is a tool that we have developed on CARTO together with other technology partners for Mexico City.

The challenge

Mexico City has one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world so any aspect of urban management is a challenge. The data collections, coming from different departments, usually have very heterogeneous formats and are not connected to each other, which means that crossing them and analyzing them becomes a less complicated task.

Given this scenario, Mexico City was looking for a solution that would allow it to take much more advantage of the information collected from the city, making all data sets compatible and being able not only to cross the variables but also to display them in a geo-located and integrated way regardless of its origin.

Given the dimensions of the project, it was necessary to be an expert in several different areas in which Geographica already had a great experience: Big Data, Business Intelligence and geolocation data visualization in real time –location intelligence- and predictive services.

Before starting this project we already had an extensive experience in developing platforms for Smart City. Thus, we had created several solutions that monitor in real time the results of scattered sensors in the urban center of different cities, processing and analyzing the information and offering it to the managers in a visual and simple way, facilitating decision making. In most cases, they also had App’s for mobile devices.

The experience, the technique and the knowledge of CARTO, together with our capabilities are allowing us to develop a unique solution.


NowCity is a web platform that quickly shows all the data on a extensive range of topics in the city. Including social network data in real time on the trends of the city.

In addition, it has different thematic modules for each of the areas of interest. An example of this is NowCityTaxes, which pretend to facilitate the decision-making for those in charge of Public Administrations in matters related to the collection and administration of local taxes allowing a real optimization of the resources and thus contributing to the development of the city and the quality of life of its citizens.

NowCity has two private websites for people with decision-making power and employees and a public portal accessible to citizens where information is a little more restricted.


It is a project that is still in the process of being implemented, although the first results are very positive. We will keep you informed of the evolution of it.

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