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Singapore Land Authority (SLA)

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Spatial intelligence for Singapore Land Authority (SLA)

We have developed for the Singapore Land Authority  (SLA) a geoprocessing and advanced report creator tools kit based on CARTO. Functionality which allows to analyse and create Singapore maps. A challenging project in one of the most globalised countries and powerful country in trade, technology and finance.

It is an application with an open part that is focused on education and another one which is private and allows to manage the spatial information of Singapore. Thanks to CARTO, a customisation work and understanding of the needs that Singapore Land Authority (SLA) had, we have been able to develop a simple, convenient, intuitive and powerful solution.

The Challenge

Singapore Land Authority (SLA) has plenty of information. However they does not take full advantage of it because it lacked of visualization tools that could be useful for different departments.

Thus, it was necessary to integrate data from various sources and make them available to different technical profiles. In addition, it was expected to have in the same solution, convenient and  simple reports.

The Solution

The solution is a CARTO customisation that allows to show from a pedagogic perspective the spatial information of Singapore analysing data in order to be able to generate reports easily and intuitively. Using the powerhouse and scalability of CARTO, we have been able to go further and create an excellent user experience with essential geoprocesses for Singapore Land Authority (SLA).

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