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Smart Dashboard

Development of Smart Dashboard for the water cycle management in Catalonia

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Development of a control panel of its own that allows to analyze, evaluate and take action on the water cycles of the municipalities it serves.

Water cycles control and the level of services is one of the main challenges faced by large supply companies. Leakages, frauds and defaults are just some of the irregularities; they are factors that are faced every day, especially in more rural areas.

However, all these irregularities can be solved thanks to the data collection process digitization and the application of solutions based on location intelligence -for the collection of such geolocated data in real time- and the use of technologies related to Business Intelligence that Analyze and deploys data in an attractive way for decision making, monitoring irregularities.

That is why one of the leading companies in water supply got in touch with us for the development of a Smart Dashboard that would allow the analysis, evaluation and control of water cycles and the level of service in real time in the municipalities where it has a presence.

The challenge

The challenge propose to us was to obtain a solution in the environment of Smart Water that would allow them to control and analyze the evolution of all water management points, the water condition, and many other data that contribute to the optimization of water.

With all this they can solve problems (such as leaks) quickly, manage the maintenance of the stations, obtain data on cycle management and many other aspects that make their work more efficient and improve the final service that citizens receive.

Geographica already had an extensive experience in the development of Smart Dashboards and location intelligence solutions, which has simplified the development of this project.

The solution

To achieve the objectives of the company supplying the hydraulic resource, we have developed a control panel of its own adapted to their needs.

With this Smart Dashboard, information is obtained in real time from geolocated data; segmented data by location that are analyzed, allowing to use and act on the affected areas directly.

Location Intelligence solutions have been integrated, so it is possible to visualize all the variables of interest in a simple and attractive way, facilitating the documented decision-making process, which entails a better service for the citizen and a greater degree of efficiency for the company.

The result

This project is in its development process, but already in the first approximations we see very positive results. We will tell you everything about the evolution of the solution.

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