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Development of Smart City portal which allows visualization and analysis of information from sensors in real time.

The Smart City project developed by Telefónica (with us) is one of the most ambitious in which Geographica is taking part, given the extension of it. It is about developing a Smart City platform model that will be applied in different localities.

Through this platform, integrated in Telefónica’s developments and using FIWARE, CARTO and others technologies, it pretends, on the one hand,  to improve citizens’ quality of life, providing them information in real-time about issues of general interest such as traffic, air quality, waste management, etc.

On the other hand, it aims to optimize the differents Publics Administration resources, as well as promoting the accuracy and agility in the decision-making process  through control panels where all the information collected through the various sensors is presented  simply and visual.

The Challenge

For the correct development of this project, it is needed to be proficient in three different areas, and in which, Geographica had a great experience: Big Data, Business Intelligence and data visualization in real time.

Before Starting this project,  in Geographica we had  already a extensive experience in the development of platforms for Smart City. In fact, we have created several solutions that monitored in real time the results of scattered sensors in the centre of different cities, processing and analyzing information and offering it to the managers in a visual and easily way, facilitating decision-making. In most cases, moreover, they had APP’s for mobile devices.

Thanks to this experience, Telefónica offered us the opportunity to collaborate on this project. So our role is focused on what happens after the collection of data through sensors that are scattered in cities.

This is a challenging project, not only because of their complexity, but because it is implemented in several urban centres at the same time. The expertise, technique and knowledge of  Telefónica joined within ours capabilities, is allowing to develop a unique solution.


The Solution

To cover the needs of the project, it has been developed a solution that processes data in real-time from sensors and dumps the information with different access levels and publishing information.

In the private portal, which is the one in which all information is shown, it has been developed a dashboard for the management and monitoring of the results, while enabling the generation essential KPI’s reports for managers, directors and technicians.

In fact, it even includes Machine Learning, therefore the system will be able to interpret and learn from the behaviour of the data in the past.

On the other hand, the citizens portal  provides real-time information on different variables related to mobility, welfare and many other aspects such as air quality.

The Result

Results are very encouraging. Nowadays, the first implementations are being carried in different Spanish localities and we are working in parallel on large national and international opportunities. We will keep you updated.

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