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Big Data and Location Intelligence for the analysis of competitive advantages of companies and town halls

Big Data and Location Intelligence for the companies and town halls competitive advantages analysis.

Large companies have the ability to generate big amounts of data and information that, if they are not managed optimally, they are wasted, and with it great opportunities can be lost. Vodafone is a very clear example of this type of companies and they were aware of this problem.

The project, in direct collaboration with CARTO, offers a solution to this problem with an end-to-end platform that offers answers to business questions through the use of Big Data and telco data analysis based on the user’s location. Vodafone Analytics allows offering a lot of information to other companies, public and private, that are not able to generate, to improve their performance.

The Challenge

The main challenge we face with this project was to organize and integrate all the valuable information that Vodafone generates. Location data never sleeps in a company like this, since all devices offer the information 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Vodafone is a company that has a 25% penetration rate in the Spanish mobile market, which supposed a great challenge and a good opportunity that had to be used to turn all that flow into data with a purpose.

In addition, the information collected from all the devices that use the Vodafone network (always in an anonymous way, complying with the current regulation regarding data protection) can be of great value to many companies. We are talking about visited sites, internet usage time zones, visited websites, consumption behaviors, favorite apps, etc.

The solution

With this context in mind, we developed together with CARTO, a leading company in the Location Intelligence world, a platform that allows to discover in a simple and visual way where things happen, why they happen and predict what will happen in the future, making it possible to improve the efficiency of businesses, cities or regions of different sizes, both in the public and private sectors.

Vodafone Analytics can be applied in the retail sector, offering a series of key advantages:

– Offer information of interest to define its business strategy and gain competitive advantages in relation to other companies.

– Help choose where to open new offices/stores thanks to demographic information, people flow, competitors presence…

– Segment the customers with filters like age, place of residence, web pages they visit…

– Set objectives according to traffic trends to your store by obtaining information about the influx of customers and their typology.

Vodafone Analytics is also intended for town halls and public companies that are committed to the development of smart cities, providing these advantages:

– Discover in a simple and intuitive way where things happen and why, for example, the hours of highest traffic and decide if it is necessary to make any changes in the infrastructure.

– Improve services like garbage collection or the amount of healthcare assistance according to the points of greatest affluence.

– Capture more tourists thanks to the visualization and analysis of behavior patterns and the solution of their needs.


The results of the project are very positive. Very soon we will give you news about this use case, where big data joins with location intelligence to offer solutions and improvements to private companies and town halls.

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