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Geographica:Make data count.

  1. Smart City
    Urbo: Smart City Telefónica

    Development of Smart City portal which allows visualization and analysis of information from sensors in real time.

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  2. Location Intelligence
    Mastercard Retail Location Insights

    Solution focused on the site planning that allows to evaluate the consumption trends at street level.

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  3. Location Intelligence
    Indoor Mapping for Retail

    We have developed a prototype indoor mapping solution for El Corte Inglés, which improves the user experience while providing real-time data on consumer behavior in a closed space.

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  4. Location Intelligence
    Vodafone Analytics

    Big Data and Location Intelligence for the analysis of competitive advantages of companies and town halls

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  5. E-Commerce
    Machine Learning for OneBookShelf

    Development of an intelligent system that learns from user habits thanks to ML.

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  6. Public Administration
    Informo, improving mobility in the city of Madrid

    Mobility planning solution for improving mobility management in real time within the open data portal 'Informo' of Madrid.

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